Russell Sage College

russell sage college

Midshipmen from NROTC can also attend Russell Sage College, while pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) . High school students that are interested can apply for the scholarship and, upon being accepted into the program, you will receive all the same benefits as other midshipmen at RPI including full tuition and fees, totaling over $135,000. Life as a Russell Sage midshipman is similar to that of an RPI midshipman. Russell Sage students will still attend PT, drill, and Naval Science courses at RPI, but will complete the rest of their undergraduate courses just a mile away at Russell Sage College in Troy, or at their Albany campus. Additional information about the academics at Russell Sage College can be found at   After four years of participation in the program, Russell Sage students will receive commission as regular officers into the Navy Nurse Corps. Questions about the application process and details about the NROTC program can be answered at More details about the Navy Nurse Corps can be found at If you are interested, reach out to our active duty staff members with any questions at

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